The Benefits of Exercise for Addiction Recovery

Exercise is something we all know we should make time for, but we often overlook. Busy schedules, fear of failure, or downright distaste for physical activity can prevent us from getting the exercise our mind and body needs. However, getting regular physical activity is especially important for those recovering from substance abuse disorders. Finding time Read more about The Benefits of Exercise for Addiction Recovery[…]

Addiction Recovery and Exercise

Everyone knows exercise is important for a healthy body, but it can also be useful for maintaining a healthy mind. Everything from building confidence through achievement, to building a supportive community of health focused friends can be factors in improving your mental health. Not to mention all those feel-good endorphins! But you don’t have to Read more about Addiction Recovery and Exercise[…]

Nine Motivational Quotes to Inspire Addiction Recovery

Recovery can be scary. Battling an addiction is often a difficult path. But taking small steps every day towards a sobriety can turn your whole life around. Progress may be slow, and you will face many challenges, but the results will be rewarding. Are you ready to take your life back? “The past cannot be Read more about Nine Motivational Quotes to Inspire Addiction Recovery[…]

Dr. Brian Bothe MD speaks at a Free Pain Management Seminar for local residents

No Pain, Big Gain – Life Changing Pain Management Strategies

Experiencing Pain on a daily basis can be a significant contributing factor to many debilitating conditions such as depression. fatigue, and anxiety. Having a Team of People who understand your specific needs , and how to apply specific Pain Management Strategies, can transform your life and produce increased positive outcomes. Bookmark this page and visit often Read more about No Pain, Big Gain – Life Changing Pain Management Strategies[…]